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About Us

Since 2005, being one of the prestigious Consulting Companies in Turkey for educational and training purposes abroad, CAMPUSEDU Work and Study Abroad (CAMPUSEDU) is highly motivated to provide the Turkish youth with the correct directions for their future carreers. CAMPUSEDU is very well aware of the importance of cultural and educational exchange, keeping in mind the fact that boundaries around the world has been minimized today and there are so many occasions that this crosscultural relationship can be realized.

Today, Turkey is a modern country with a population of 80 million, of which 1/4 is between the ages of 15 and 35. This percentage is significant in terms of brains (educational) as well as physical strength. The changing demographic and sociological facts of Turkey has led the Turkish youth to a much more competable environment both here in Turkey and abroad. Today, the Turkish youth is much more keen to expand their horizons, to get the best education they can and to improve themselves both in terms of educational, social and cultural purposes. They are highly aware of what is going on in their home country as well as in their surrounding environment, along with the rest of the world.

These circumstances has inspired us to lead the way for the Turkish youth to broaden their horizons through cultural Exchange programs, Au-pair programs, educational purposes and Work & Travel Programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality services for the Turkish youth in terms of educational, training and Work & Travel purposes, as well as to promote cultural awareness hand in hand with the leading companies like yourself. Along with this mission, our aim is to make the most proper selections for the desired position abroad. Whether this is an Au-pair, or Work & Travel or an internship program, we will be positioning the most qualifying applicants for the opportunities that you would be delivering to us, taking into consideration their level of education, personal characteristics and capabilities.

We are well aware that this process needs a perfect coordination between partners with the same point of view. It is also not a coincidence that this process means a Team Work. Therefore, our mission expands to promote the possibilities abroad, making the right placements at the right time, and provide an environment which is for the benefit of all parts involved in the process – the Turkish youth, the employers, the sponsors, the schools.. We are well aware of today’s global competence, therefore we are dedicated to finding best solutions by selecting qualified students and clients for the right opportunities.


We should say the ever growing interest in cultural exchange programs, Turkey will have a big market compared to other European Countries, as our country is a land where people are still attracted to the idea of visiting a western country one day. Although Turkey is a muslim country, it is secular and manners and traditions are so much like that of Western Cultures and therefore our students have no trouble to adapt the life in other countries where they are most welcome.

To our sponsors/partners, we offer a perfect organization in respect to choosing the “right” kind of applicants for the right jobs and opportunities you would be delivering to us. There is no doubt for how careful we will be with all the details of each participant.

All of our efforts are aimed at establishing a long-lasting and powerful relationship based on trust and, perfectionism between all the parties involved. We have dedicated ourselves to establish a system which is beneficial to all sides involved. We are delivering all our past and personal traits, experiences, training and intelligence to the perfect coordinating system this business would need.

CAMPUSEDU Work and Study Abroad